Is your Check Engine Light On?

When your check engine light comes on a trouble code is stored in the computer. Some codes are universal and can be read by most scanners. Other codes are stored more deeply in memory or are specific to the vehicle make and model. For these kinds of codes,the technicians at DRIVE Automotive can talk to your onboard computer with state of the art equipment that allows them to read and retrieve trouble codes and vital engine data.  The check engine light code can come on for anything from serious engine or transmission problems or something as simple as a loose gas cap.

For any given trouble code, there could be a number of causes. So your trained technician takes the trouble code as a starting point and begins a diagnostic process to determine the cause of the problem. And some problems take longer to solve than others.

When your engine management system logs a problem and illuminates the check engine light, your DeKalb IL service technician at DRIVE Automotive will plug in a scanner, download the trouble codes and go to work tracing the cause of the problem.

That’s just the first step. That’s when your technician’s training, equipment, databases and skill get put to work diagnosing the problem and fixing it.

If your check engine light is flashing it means that the problem could lead to serious damage. To prevent a breakdown or damage to other vital systems in your vehicle you should get your vehicle in to DRIVE Autmotive as soon as possible to get the problem solved. If it’s on but not flashing, you have some time to get in at your convenience.